Welcome to my website

Hello, I am Daniel Aranda, in this website you will find my work a school project where our school is participating during the school year 2021-2022. Our Erasmus+ partner schools are from Greece, Italy, Czech Republic and Spain. You can visit my school website here Pompeu Fabra de Martorell. Click on the buttons at the top to see the different sections of this project. The constellations that I have had to talk about are: Aries, Ara, Auriga and Aquila.

Objectives of the astronomy section:

  1. Create a skysphere with the position of my four supernovae from my four constellations.
  2. Create a small search engine with information about my four exoplanets.
  3. Analyze my four planets, with their transit charts.
  4. Analyze one of my supernovae with a graph of its spectrum, thus knowing its chemical elements.
  5. Summarize all the theoretical classes that we have done on sciences of the contemporary world.
  6. Do an analysis in English and Catalan about an article that includes all the topics in the unit.
  7. Make a study of the exoplanet WASP-77 using images from a telescope.
  8. Make a compilation of the information sources that I have used and compare my information with them.