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Summary and opinion of the news: the software engineer will fix your car now and the new car batteries

In short, the first news talks about the revolutionary new batteries that are being created by the Chinese company BYD. They want to create batteries for electric car, which can last up to 770 kilometers, and there is even talk of a figure of up to a million kilometers. It is said that China's efforts to sell its cars in Europe will finally be rewarded, although they will first start exporting to Norway. These batteries have a system of cells inside modules, made of iron phosphate and lithium and maintain a capacity of 90% charge with more than 2500 charge cycles. In addition, blade batteries have a packaging format that does not require individual modules, has no risk of fire or leakage, reduces the weight of cars and has a very long service life.

The second piece of news, on the other hand, talks about the evolution of cars in terms of how they work, and that they will be more and more autonomous and more programmed, which means that they will have the ability to repair some damage through a computer. In addition, it is said that the number of parts and components will be considerably reduced, and the world of work and production will have considerable changes.

In my opinion, as long as the world of work is not unbalanced due to lack of work, the prices of these innovations are not skyrocketing, and they contribute to slowing down climate change, I have no problem. As far as I am concerned, I believe that petrol cars will disappear or be greatly reduced, and considerable changes will be made in terms of production, the world of work, and above all the management of natural resources.