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Energy Spectrum of my supernova SN 2009ap

This is the energy spectrum of one of my supernovas, here you have a table with information about it:

Name SN 2009ap
Type Type Ic (Core Collapse)
Apparent magnitude 17
Ascension (°) 262
Date Discovered 05/03/2009
Declination (°) -60
Constellation Ara
Galaxy PGC 60297
Discovered by Unknown
Galactic longitude (°) 331,64731
Galactic latitude (°) -13,50485
Inclination (°) 50
Log (diameter) (log (0.1 arcmin)) 1
Confirmed Yes
Classificació Supernoves

This is the classification of types of supernovae according to their chemical elements. Mine is of type Ic.

Next, you have a table with the chemical elements of this supernova. As you can see, the graph starts at 800 and ends at 500, which means that it is continuous. To know the elements, you have to calculate the area of the peaks, and make a division between the area of a specific peak, between all the peaks, that gives the percentage the element. This percentage is then searched in files and databases, and the chemical element is extracted.

In this case, the four chemical elements that stand out the most are:

In addition, in this type of supernova, as a general rule, the element lithium would have to be present, although I have not been able to see it because its frequency, and therefore its area in the graph, was not very high.