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Summary and opinion of the news: oil industry faces its "last hurrah"

In this section I will summarize and explain my opinion about the news item entitled "oil industry faces its last hurray", from the company Financial Times.

Basically the news talks about the oil industry and economy, after the COVID-19 pandemic. There being a lot of demand and little supply of this resource, thus increasing the prices of this. On the one hand, in the United States, Joe Biden said that during his leadership there would be an oil transition, the truth is that a year after saying it, he is trying to import more oil to his country, since his country has more demand than supply. Therefore, at the COP26 meeting they affirmed that if the exporting countries of this resource did not increase their supply, they would have retaliation, and there is even talk of opening strategic reserves, all in order to reduce the high prices that oil is beginning to have. In addition, the crisis that is taking place in this sector, makes large investors prefer not to invest in this field, making the problem bigger, not to mention that the price and cost of renewable energies is making the energy transit more difficult and the problem lasts longer.

All these changes in the economy and market are strictly related to the result of falling prices in the world oil industry a year ago. Several experts expect that the current rise in oil prices will fall in a year, although others believe that the price will have to stay higher than normal for a longer period of time to motivate any change. in the behavior of the governments of the great world powers.

On the other hand, it is said that the quarantine caused by the pandemic has helped to cure governments of their oil addiction. Now they could better rebuild the world towards an economy that focuses less on carbon and moves forward in the effort to stop climate change. Although in the time we have been normalizing after the quarantine already mentioned, consumption, traffic and pollution are beginning to reach the points where they were before the pandemic or even worse. Equally oil may be entering its final phase as the world moves away from fossil fuels. The long-term future of oil in a world that does not depend on non-renewable resources is slowing down its investment, as projects in this field are no longer needed if emissions are to align with the climate goals we are facing. starting to raise.

In my opinion, I simply believe that we are running out of the resources that the planet where we live has offered us, and we can only change it by making big changes and rethinking our priorities, investment, timing and achieving energy independence in all possible countries. If we try to continue investing in non-renewable resources, we will not be able to move forward in the fight against climate change.