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Sources of information I have used and comparison of the data with these

In this section I will talk about the discoveries I have made and the comparison of these with the analyzes of other scientists.

Energy Spectrum of SN 2009ap

In the section on the energy spectrum of one of my supernovae, SN 2009ap, I deduced, through calculations, that the elements were: 47.08486% of Fe XXVI, 6.56122% of Fe XXV, 3.17211% of Ar XVII and 4.03723% of Ca XIX. Well, according to studies found in, these elements would be correct but it should also have found aluminum and sodium, although due to their low percentage it was difficult to see them.

I have extracted the sources from the publication of Giuliano Pignata et al 2011, titled "SN 2009bb: A PECULIAR BROAD-LINED TYPE Ic SUPERNOVA" of The Astrophysical Journal.

Exoplanet radius

On the other hand, in the exoplanets section, I have been able to calculate the radii of my four exoplanets, although in two cases the result coincides, and in two other cases the result does not coincide. This may be due to a mistake in the search for exoplanets, since there were many sources of information for some, and perhaps I have not chosen the correct one.

In this case, as it appears in the skydata, I have compared the results with scientists and astronomers such as: Forveille et al. 2011, Yuan-Yuan et al. 2018, Silva et al. 2007 and Pepper et al. 2017.